The kitty keepers & the legend of the Cat Custodian

Long ago in a far away place…

Outside the reach of modern man…

Away from the lands of cities & cellphones…

Lays a climate quite different from the city…

Where the culture of the cat is king!

It is here where we find the legend of which kitty keepers everywhere speak …

The legend of the Cat Custodian!

The Cat Custodian is an ancient title passed on from kitty keeper to kitty keeper. There is but one rule for the Cat Custodians. There is only one rule, because in order for a kitty keeper to become the Cat Custodian like my friend – one must already have a heart full of love for kitty goodness and their accompanying tails. This love of kitties means that a kitty keeper already does all of the things which are best for kitties. Leaving only rule as necessary.

A note about my friend, when I first sought out & befriended the Cat Custodian, looking for the secret to happiness and taming of the furry friends. She was very easy to talk too. She asked good questions & cared greatly for people, as well as cats.

My friend with all of the love in her heart of kitties great & kind, along with their accompanying and equally fluffy tails has a particular rule. A rule that does not quite line up with that of a good kitty loving human until you understand what a momentous tasks the Cat Custodian has …

The Cat Custodian must never name their kitties. Not never ever, for that’s a long time. Trust me. I counted to never ever & it is a very long time to not name your kitty.

Why? Why can’t everyone have all the love they want? Well, I will tell you why the Cat Custodian must wait to name the kitty. The kitty has not adopted the Cat Custodian! The Cat Custodian can not name or claim a kitty as part of their pack until they have been adopted by the kitty. Why would a kitty ever no want the Cat Custodian with all of they bear for all of the kitties of the world you ask?

Well, the kitty might have special purpose. More special than just being furry with cute twitchy ears and having a lovely long furry tail. With that in mind, the Cat Custodian must wait to name the kitty until they know for sure all of the kitty’s love and long fluffy tail is staying with the Cat Custodian. Some kitties with all of their love were meant for other homes, to bring the joy of twitchy ears & long furry tails!

Thus is the burden of the Cat Custodian.

Thus is their suffering. To have all of love of kitties, but to know they might not have all of the lovely kitties forever ever.

… and that is why Cat Custodians do not name their kitty cat kittens right away!

Instead kitty cat kittens are known by their exuberant personalities, their unique stylings and their lovely little stubby tails.  Meaning that each kitty must not be judged but rather observed and enjoyed for their lovely kitty cat ways!!

Have good & many pettings huuumans!


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A tale of two kitties

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This tale is based on several conversations with a friend who as you will find out loves kitties very much. I probably inserted a lot of my love of kitties to embellish this story of two tails too.

It was the best of kitties, it was the worst of kitties…

Just kidding. It was the best of kitties!! … because you know … there is no such thing bad kitties!!

Today, I would like to share a good kitty tale with you. A tale of two particular kitties with good fluffy tails. Such tails oh my, oh my!

These kitties belong to my friend, whom we shall call the Cat Custodian for simplicity’s sake. It makes it easy to tell said story clearly and mostly it describes my friend as the keeper of the kitty’s love and affections, to later send the kitties to their rightful place as little kitty kings & queens of their own households.

All good stories have a setup and then a problem. We are past the setup. So now to the problem.

One day the Custodian needed a new cat to help bless her with a bounty of beautiful kitty cats.  After having inquiring from all of the combined wisdom of the kitty cat keepers, my friend decided to contact one exceptional place with some very fine furry cats.  The proprietor of the establishment was most agreeable to helping my friend the Cat Custodian, as only one kitty cat keeper with all of their love could want to help another!

After some discussion, the kitty cat keeper of the establishment decided that Jazzman, the fine furred mitted seal-point would be a great match.  Jazzman was of good breeding and lovely markings upon such wonderful & fine fur, oh my so fine!  They both agreed and then there were preparations to be made on both ends of the phone, so they hung up.

As the day approached the anticipation ran high.  The morning of visit the Cat Custodian put on her favorite wool knit sweater and special goulashing boots before heading out.

When she arrived to see her new friend, the Cat Custodian knelt down slowly and let Jazzman sniff about before slowly raising one hand with a tiny thin finger extended for Jazzman to smell the back of the finger.  To which Jazzman padded closer again, fine furry ears on point and sensing in all directions.  He chuffles a little sneeze in excitement, then his little mouth opens a bit to use the extra smell pad in the mouth … because this huuuman is interesting smelling of all sorts of new kitty cat smells and Jazzman can almost touch the other kitty cats through their connection with this huuuman.  It is good smells ya!  His long furry tail flickers two or three times with excitement.  This is a good good huuuman indeed.

The Cat Custodian is sending all sorts of loves and approval through the air to the kitty cat, even though she is almost motionless.  Her being is centered in this room and like gravity Jazzman was drawn to her.  He walks around her again and then stops slightly off to her side.  The Cat Custodian knows this moment.  Thousands of these moments combine and the feeling is the same.  She reaches forward slow and brings her hand up again first one finger extended to gently rub the kitty cat near the shoulders and slowly along the back, stopping well short of the tail, so as to not disturb Jazzman the kitty cat’s fine furry tail.

The kitty cat known as Jazzman thinks this huuuman is special and nice, because she waits for his acceptance before petting.  Also, for not messing up Jazzman’s fine furry tail – because that takes forever to arrange!

The Cat Custodian is patient a little while longer and then slowly extends the other hand, letting Jazzman notice the new hand and smell it before petting the fine fine furry cat with both hands.

Jazzman is a very happy cat.

The Cat Custodian then supporting but the front and back legs of the lovely furry friend, lifts Jazzman up to put his cute little mitted paws over her shoulders in the classic kitty cat hug.

Jazzman stays there and begins to pur.

The friendship pact is sealed.

There is a ruckus though, there was another kitty in the room watching & now she’s meowing, complaining, so nonplussed which is kitty cat for unhappy.  She is getting no attention & no love.  So she is jealous.

Jazzman hops down and goes over to the other kitty.  She sniffs the good smells from the Cat Custodian that Jazzman picked up.

We would like to take this moment to introduce Lacey .  Lacey is a wonderful five point colored fur kitty cat.

The proprietor of this establishment explains to the cat custodian the two cats have been roommates since they arrived and Lacey is quite demanding of Jazzman’s time, if you have not noticed, thank you very much!

The Cat Custodian has noticed that the two kitty cat tails are intertwined.  The Cat Custodian slowly crab walks side ways so as not to startle the kitty cats and lets Lacey smell the back of her hand too.  The cats make nice and nuzzle the kitty Cat Custodian’s hand.

It is good.

When done, the Cat Custodian gently scoops up Jazzman, supporting both the front and the back legs to carry him off to the new home.

There is a problem though..

Lacey is putting up a ruckus again.  It is quite demanding.  How could anyone take her friend?  Did anyone not notice that Lacey’s tail crossed Jazzman’s tail?!  Star is beside herself.  She sings the sad sad song of her people.  She flicks her in clear disapproval, this is not what she wants.  This will not be allowed.  Huuumans will obey!

The kitty cat keeper looks over at the Cat Custodian with Jazzman on her should.  They all know they can not separate the pair of kitty cats.  They put Jazzman down and go back to petting the kitty cats.

It is good.  Very good.

The Cat Custodian wants bother kitty cats, are they available?

The kitty keeper thinks this is a grand idea.  The kitties are clearly enamored of the Cat Custodian.  They flick their long luxurious tails in little tufting motions.  Happily together and enjoying the excitement of the new friend they made.

Have good pettings people!