leap motion – 12/31/17

More research in leapmotion

My calibration painting isn’t working … there are two issues …

First it goes up to 30ish then resets the count to 0 instantly.   Second it seems that after like 20 or 30 seconds the paint strokes start to be forgotten.  I’m over 20 checks of 2 – 3 minutes a piece.

My only thoughts are what if it’s a memory issue, but I’m running 12gigs with only ~3gig used.

Tried …

  • everything on official documentation & trouble shooting
    • wiping screen
    • lights (see below)
    • distance from screen (see below)
    • glossy desktop
    • the newer version auto disables the reading stream during calibration, but I checked it everytime after the first 12 tests.
  • lights
    • on / off
    • 20 watt bulbs behind me
    • single bulb behind the monitor
    • bright bulbs with a sheet between myself & computer
  • motion
    • left/right
    • up/down
    • clockwise / counter clockwise circles
    • 8 combinations of the above
  • distance
    • 4″ away
    • 2″ away like guide on tomshardware said instead of 4″ like guide says

Then of course i did various lighting schemes along with combining different types of motions & distances.


Trouble shooting reminders for me…

Trouble shooting

  • Did something actually break?
    • Is it perspective/perception thing instead of a solid problem?
    • Is it that you don’t have data/values or they aren’t being connected?
    • What does tail’ing the test/development log files show?
  • State changes
    • Does a reload / restart of server / using other device fix it
  • Where is the break at based on what is affected?
    • Can you output flags or sentences to help identify where firing?
  • Scope
    • How many things  affected?
    • How deeply or totally were things affected?
  • What was your last change?
    • What was your last commit to that branch?
  • Similarities / Shared in the systems / characteristics of  the affected systems / components
  • Can you comment stuff out until it works?
  • Does changing test coverage or stubbing work?
  • Does using the code in isolation work?